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All our Movement teachers are students of Ido Portal and Crazy Monkey is the one and only place in The Netherlands offering Movement in this way. We build our classes around the idea that the human body is made to move and as long as you have a body, you can participate in any of our classes whether you are a beginning practitioner or an advanced one. We work with professional athletes, junior and senior people, people recovering from injuries and people who are just starting; in short, a diverse group of people.

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  • Mar202018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Filipe

    Few people would survive a day, but that’s how Filipe has engineered his life. He is the hardest worker we know, don’t offer him any tasty sweets during or before he has finished his 20+ press handstands, because he only accepts those after the work is done.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Mar192018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Ana

    She received a job opportunity and the choice to move from Lisbon to Amsterdam became easier when she discovered Crazy Monkey. Her morning dances and enthusiasm are part of the fabric that makes Crazy Monkey the place it is.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam