Thomas Tukker

Eight years ago Crazy Monkey was born from this simple thought: How do we create a place where people are challenged by a strong, high quality practice and supported by a great community?
Back then we were the first movement school in Europe and for years we aligned with Ido Portal and his view on the practice. Since early 2020 we have developed our very own approach, influenced by many top class teachers from around the world. We went from a closed and exclusive studio to an open and inclusive studio. We welcome all with an interest in movement.


Michael Holleman 

I started my practice as an intern at Crazy Monkey. During my studies in Sports, Management, and Business, I was exposed to a variety of sports ranging from martial arts to gymnastics to team sports and more. But nowhere else did I experience the richness of ideas and education that I encountered here. Practicing at Crazy Monkey has had a huge beneficial impact on my life. It is my goal to share what I learn here with as many people as possible so that they can develop their own practice and get the benefits of movement practice.


Staś Wojciechowski

Since joining the team as an intern in 2020, I saw immense growth in body, mind, and character  at Crazy Monkey. A major pillar that supported this growth was the incredible community.
The vast possibilities of moving  alone or with others, not bound by a single discipline, is what keeps me engaged and eager to learn. This place has been an antidote for the lack of freedom as well as the boredom and limitations of my background in strength training.
It is my goal to facilitate an environment to share the growth and freedom I found through my movement practice with others.