• May302018

    Tribe Of Movers – A Sunday Bbq

    On a sunny day in May, a group of Crazy Monkeys came together. We ate good food. We had good talks and we played good games. Join the tribe here!

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Apr092018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Mayke

    She transforms the floor into water, flowing freely through the sea of seemingly endless physical options. Never losing her ability to fully express herself once her sail has been set to the shores of the unknown.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Mar292018


    The Corset workshop offers a modern/ancient approach to preparing, rehabbing, pre-habing, mobilizing, stabilizing and strengthening the body for the rigors of movement, a unique approach developed by Ido Portal ( from his extensive research into human movement.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Mar202018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Filipe

    Few people would survive a day, but that’s how Filipe has engineered his life. He is the hardest worker we know, don’t offer him any tasty sweets during or before he has finished his 20+ press handstands, because he only accepts those after the work is done.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Mar192018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Ana

    She received a job opportunity and the choice to move from Lisbon to Amsterdam became easier when she discovered Crazy Monkey. Her morning dances and enthusiasm are part of the fabric that makes Crazy Monkey the place it is.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Mar032018

    Movers Of Crazy Monkey – Nelson

    He came all the way from Miami and discovered that Amsterdam has its cold days. But amidst of all ice cold winds he found a place of warmth. A place to move, play and learn.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam
  • Jan102018


    This workshop is an introduction to different concepts related to dance and movement. It will give the participants tools to develop their movement practice and to expend their technical, expressive, and creative range of movement possibilities.

    Crazy Monkey Movement Amsterdam