The introduction pass is the best way to get started with us.  It has 5 credits that you can use for any of the guided classes on the schedule. We will give you a proper introduction to the practice and our community. After 5 classes, you will have a better understanding of what the practice entails and make a decision on how you wish to continue.

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Movement is an amazing tool for brain and body development. Unfortunately, this is often overlooked in today’s culture, which is characterized by a sedentary lifestyle. Chronic disease, injury, and unhappiness can be the result. At Crazy Monkey, we help individuals overcome this issue by introducing movement and play into their daily lives. You will learn to incorporate movement into your everyday life to maintain mobility, strength, and health.

We also aspire to more than just addressing the need for movement. Humans are creative beings with remarkable adaptability and learning capacity. We can acquire new skills, collaborate, manage our emotions, and explore our inner lives. Our practice seeks to foster this potential, elevating our consciousness beyond its current level.

To practice these two aspects, we have developed a comprehensive approach that is suitable for all levels. You will learn floorwork, inversions, strength and conditioning, partner work, coordination, and more. No prior experience or expertise is necessary, just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm. 


Building your practice


We believe in education. Movement practice should be a personal explorative journey. Our way of working with people is in faciliate a environment for growth. Through education, we help you build your practice. To build your practice means to be on a path of continuous discovery. It signifies the process of expanding your knowledge, honing your skills, and deepening your understanding of movement and its impact on your life.

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