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For just €67.50, you get 5 credits to experience our transformative classes, valid for 2 months. Whether you're a beginner or looking to deepen your movement practice, this is your chance to discover the benefits of Crazy Monkey.

Over the last decade, we helped many people improve their life through the movement practice. People that join classes consistently over a period of time report:

  • Increased strength, mobility, balance and coordination.

  • Increased awareness of their body and mind.

  • A strong sense of community.

  • Increased pain threshold and resilience.

  • An increased sense of playfulness in daily life.  

  • A sense of meaning and challenge in their physical practice.

  • A deeper understanding and curiosity in human movement.



Io Lanko

One of a kind place. Deep understanding of movement and complexity of the dance between the mind and the body. Guidance has a firm but loving flavour and I would recommend investing time and commit for a longer period to feel the benefits of the practice. Give yourself time to experience the resistance that might come up with growing pains of confronting various kinds of challenges.



Dario Sposini

It was just in the last months of Covid that I got to know Crazy Monkey; after more then 6 years of CrossFit I was looking for a new sport and a new experience.
I did not only found both but also a great community which, with the times, I realized being the core soul of this place.
After more then 2.5 years at Crazy Monkey I started to learn on how to listen differently at my body, and I explored on how to apply it to the other spots I do, it is so beautiful to realize this. Strength, floorwork, mobility, soft acrobatic, handstand, coordination and more all under one roof!
On top of this I discovered amazing people and friends as well as inspiring teachers!


Julian Diaz

I've had the incredible opportunity to train at Crazy Monkey for over a year now, and it's been a real life changing experience. The coaches here possess world-class knowledge of Movement & Calisthenics and are truly amazing at what they do. The community is second to none, filled with dedicated and welcoming individuals who create a positive and motivating atmosphere. The studio itself is a perfect environment, equipped with everything you could dream of for Movement training. It's the ideal place to discover Movement, improve your skills, connect with like-minded people. I couldn't be happier with my choice to train here!


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