Hot Yoga Classes


Hot Yoga is yoga practiced in a heated room. It is a fantastic way of exercising the body while training the mind to concentrate. Due to its gentle nature, hot yoga can be practiced by anybody. The added element of the heat brings increased suppleness to beginners and added challenge to those who are more experienced. A great way to improve your flexibility and strength, exercise your cardiovascular system, develop body awareness and tame the crazy monkey mind!


90 minutes, 35 degrees, all levels. From beginner to advanced, this class has something to offer everyone! Highlights include introduction to back bending, balancing, abdominal and spine strengthening. Perfect for your first class!


90 minutes, 30 degrees, intermediate. Experience is helpful but not necessary. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced postures in this class. Highlights include sun salutations, arm balancing, back bending and more!


60 minutes, 35 degrees, all levels. A condensed and sped up version of the Ghosh I. No first timers please!